ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“Willner has made an album that will acclimatise itself to your surroundings. If you listen as you walk outside, it’s rhythm will lock in with your footsteps. In a car, it will sync up with the windscreen wipers, with passing traffic. On a train, it will control what flashes by the window, the other passengers’ glances and the gentle sway of the train under your seat. Cupid’s Head will engulf you if you let it.”

The Line Of Best Fit

Stockholm-born, Berlin-based, The Field a.k.a. Axel Willner sprung into existence in 2003 and was picked up by the Kompakt label just a year later. His track ‘Love vs. Distance’ provided an early demonstration of how the Swede could take just four bars of sound and deftly deconstruct, alter and rebuild them to create a constantly changing canvas. It all came together in 2007 with the phenomenal success of his debut album ‘From Here We Go Sublime’ receiving near-universal critical acclaim. The Field then embarked on his first tour trotting the globe armed with just a laptop. Two years later, in conjunction with follow up LP  ‘Yesterday & Today’, Axel was joined by Dan Enqvist on bass, and Jesper Skarin on drums for extensive festival and headline touring around the world. Two subsequent albums, 2011’s ‘Looping State Of Mind’ and last year’s ‘Cupid’s Head’ which was hailed by Resident Advisor as “one of Willner’s most affirming and beatific creations to date”, brings us up to present day. Axel Willner also produces music under the pseudonyms Cordouan, James Larsson, Lars Blek, Loops of Your Heart, Porte and Hands.