ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“A producer that has suddenly appeared, rather fully-formed, doing something completely individual, sounding like absolutely no one else”

Resident Advisor

In the last 12 months New Zealand producer Fis, aka Olly Peryman, has quietly, but steadily been building a name for himself on the underground as a producer to keep a very firm eye on. Having put out a handful of acclaimed, somewhat hard to find 12” releases on a couple of different labels, Preparations, his first release for Bristol’s Tri Angle label, finds Fis poised to take his beautiful and bewildering sound to a wider audience. Fis’s music, as complex and alien sounding as it can be, presents a challenge when trying to explain exactly what it sounds like. His tracks often have the ability to completely disorientate and absorb the listener, creating rhythms that constantly seem to be consuming one another, shifting before anyone’s had a chance to process them. Having worked with a number of drum and bass artists in the past, Fis wouldn’t necessarily refer to himself as a drum and bass producer, especially considering how much he mangles and distorts the sound. That said, in attempting to get a handle on what the man is doing, the influence is an important one to note.