ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“Slaves are brilliant. A pair of punks from Maidstone, their spit-in-your face songs contain more comedy, noise and boozed-up aggro than 47 series of danny dyer’s deadliest men”

The Fly

Tunbridge Wells garage punk two-piece Slaves features Isaac Holman on drums and vocals and Laurie Vincent, on guitar and it seems improbable that so much noise – a good thing – can come from two people. ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’, their self-released debut, makes one stand to attention as it uncompromisingly launches into action. Every track having something urgent to say but also has a sense of humour and vibrating with energy and passion. Their recent single, ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’, was released through Fonthill Records and is a two minute 20 second howl of fear as the band find themselves lost in their local woods in Tunbridge Wells, trying to find their friend Debbie’s car, scared that they’re going to get attacked by a Sasquatch/Bigfoot character. The band just signed a major record deal, so expect big things soon.