ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“Girls will want to be them, boys will fancy them. In fact, girls will fancy them too and boys will also probably want to be them, so deadly is their concoction”

The Recommender

PINS is a quartet made up of Faith Holgate (vocals, guitar), Lois Macdonald (guitar), Anna Donigan (bass) and Sophie Galpin (drums). Notching up gigs in random locations – disused office blocks and hotel basements to name a few – it was with little incredulity PINS should record their debut EP in an industrial estate. A natural confines for the chilling thrum of near whispered vocals, gutter-grimed guitars and the tribal, thumping percussion. PINS whilst steeped in the entrancing abrasion of their local Mancunian heritage, bring something new to the foreground, something unique.