ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“Back at Electric Ballroom! You know what that means…it means MAYHEM!”


Fusing punk with the newly popular techno sound of the time, Atari Teenage Riot arose from 1992 Berlin to introduce a new genre dubbed ‘digital hardcore’ by frontman Alec Empire. Notoriously touted by the legendary John Peel, ATR rose to fame with their 1995 debut album ‘Delete Yourself!’ Released on Empire’s own Digital Hardcore label. At the close of the noughties, the band took a lengthy hiatus before re-emerging to the world stage three years ago. Currently featuring American member Nic Endo and British rapper/producer Rowdy Superstar alongside Empire, the band will have released five albums to date including their forthcoming 2014 new album ‘Reset’.