ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“Fine, spooky rock from London three piece…The Oscillation. The absorbing and enjoyably unsettling music carefully mirrors the song titles”


The Oscillation was formed in London in 2006 with the original incarnation intended as an offshoot outlet of another project, The Orichalc Phase, for rock-ier ventures. The Orichalc Phase was the group’s main project, incorporating punk funk disco, krautrock and psychedelia with danceable rhythms, repetitive angular avant-guitar noises and layers of analogue synthesizers. In 2007, to confuse matters The Orichalc Phase decided to change its name to The Oscillation for their debut album release and to develop a live band. It wasn’t until 2011 that the second album, ‘Veils, was released and saw the band branching further into complex song writing and psych instrumental passages. Their current LP release and 3rd album ‘From Tomorrow’,  takes further steps in new directions and is both heavier, spacier and a sonically a bona-fide trip into new realms. The band currently features members DC (vox, guitar), Tom Relleen (bass), Valentina Magaletti (Drums) touring as a finely tuned 3 piece.