ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

”Within minutes, they’re shoving huge, sonic landscapes into your ears and making solid all the buried images from the secret bit of your brain”

The Fly

Since their initial connection in 2006, the three members of Thought Forms have together explored an ever-changing sonic terrain; harbouring a shared love of guitar abuse and pedal worship, they’ve developed a deep connection and transformed into one of the most exciting guitar bands in the UK. Finding themselves at home on the acclaimed Bristol-based Invada Records, the band’s sound veers between two opposites; from brisk, scuzzy American garage-rock to brutal, anguished noise constructions of ethereal doom. With a psychedelic slant and vocals likened to a ritualistic call to on high, the scope of Thought Forms sonic arsenal is vast. If their 2009 self-titled debut for the label was about finding the dynamic limits of their atmospheric sound, then the huge great slab of guitar that greets you instantly on last year’s ‘Ghost Mountain’ roars with the confidence of a band who’ve found their level from which to fully explore their creative expression. 2014 looks like it will be a busy year for Thought Forms, with European tour and third release for Invada on the way in the early part of the year.