ARTISTS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

“ appropriate travelogue feel. Interweaved synthesiser patterns, electronic handclaps and subtle textures create a feel of sound in motion”

The Guardian

Seams is pseudonym of Berlin-based British producer James Welch. Signed to Full Time Hobby, James released his label debut – a set of two EPs ‘Tourist’ and ‘Sleeper’– in 2012.The first Seams full-length album followed late last year. ‘Quarters’ is a record that flows with a lucid fluidity, taking on a more overtly beat-driven stance than its predecessor but retaining a lightness of touch that allows the material to lift up and outwards from its scuttling rhythms. It resonates with the hot hue of the Berlin dance floor and the influence of Seams’ adopted home city’s night life on his music can’t be underestimated. Seams his teeth as a live artist on the road with Gold Panda and Three Trapped Tigers and this experience helped develop a confidence and flexibility with his increasingly varied, eclectic live performances.