Bear’s Den – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

In what was a great year for folk-tinged music in the UK, Cherbourg looked set to follow their close associates Mumford and Sons into the spotlight of breakthrough acts in 2010. However the band split, with frontman and songwriter Andrew Davie choosing to search out his own more personal musical direction. Whilst still assembling a traditional UK folk sound with Davie’s warm resonant voice, there also seemed to be more of a place for the more sombre sounds of Bonnie Prince Billy or Midlake. Davie is clearly moving once more into new and interesting paths, and has teamed up with Kevin Jones, from Cherbourg. The Gaymers Camden Crawl will see the airing of new material under the name of Bear’s Den that will then surely see a band cherished once more by both the burgeoning folk community, and beyond.