BLACK MOTH – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Taking a powerful chunk of influence from proto-punk acts such as Iggy and the Stooges, Motorhead and early Alice Cooper as well as a sliver of 90s grunge and stoner rock, they draw out the darker elements and combine them with the heaving riffs of heavy metal giants, Pentagram and Black Sabbath, with “hooks so sharp you could hang a corpse on them”. They also look to more current acts such as the Melvins, Sleep and Electric Wizard for inspiration, though singer, Harriet Hyde, still maintains a vocal style that evokes the haunting psychedelia of Grace Slick and psych-Satanist, Jinx Dawson from Coven: the woman responsible for the “sign of the horns” in rock’n’roll. Black Moth have released two singles (the first on High Magick Records, brainchild of James Atkinson of Gentlemens Pistols, the second on NHS) and had a track featured on latest NHS compilation alongside hard rock giants such as Tweak Bird, Mojo Fury, True Widow, Computers and The Sword.

In December 2011 they announced that they’re working on a debut album for New Heavy Sounds have recruited Grinderman and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds drummer and esteemed knob-twiddler Jim Sclavunos, to produce it.