CURATORS — #CC14 — FRI 20 & SAT 21 JUNE 2014

The saga of began, aptly, on a Friday night – specifically the Friday belonging to the date of September 15th, 2000, when the website was first uploaded to the public’s consciousness. Launched by the overly enthusiastic, then 15-year-old Toby L, became one of the first, independent, online music-magazines in the UK and is now one of the longest-standing originals.Around its second anniversary in 2002, Rockfeedback launched The Basement Club and over its six year lifespan at North London’s Buffalo Bar, it became something of a rite of passage for bands who’d later go on to huge things.2004 saw Rockfeedback’s first foray in to the world of music television, producing a show for Channel 4 and MTV across Europe that started with documenting the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival and has since taken Rockfeedback TV all over the world. That same year also saw the start of another new venture, Transgressive Records. The various offshoots went from strength to strength through to present day and each have expanded into substantial businesses in their own right. Rockfeedback Concerts, which began in an Islington basement, is now promoting concerts small and large all over London. Rockfeedback prides itself, and always has done, on the intelligence and enthusiasm that informs its work. They stand against a ‘build ’em up, knock ’em down’ style of documenting and promoting music and favour constructive criticism and the sharing of a genuine love of sound above all else.