DUTCH UNCLES – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Dutch Uncles are one of the many bands coming out of Manchester’s resurgent and vibrant music scene. Pulling unlikely influences from Steve Reich, XTC, Talking Heads and King Crimson the band stand out by, whilst remaining respectful, swerving the city’s ‘lad-rock’ stereotype. Signing to Memphis Industries the band released their album ‘Cadenza’ in April 2011 to critical acclaim with much of the UK press and fans alike falling deeply in love with their unmistakable brand of what the band prefer to call ‘Prog-pop’.

They have an unconventional approach to songwriting, scoring tracks much the same way a classical composer would, but don’t let this fool you. Jaw-dropping musicianship and strangely danceable time-signatures are all wrapped up by a real pop-sensibility. Along with the flamboyant stage presence of lead singer Duncan Wallis, Dutch Uncles are an unforgettable act.