FLOWERPOT COLLECTIVE – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

The Flowerpot collective have been working and promoting in and around London for years. The collective is made up from an ever changing bunch of musicians / DJs / artists / free thinkers and wreckheads. Known for providing wonderful hospitality and treating bands on all levels with maximum respect, they thrive on good music, good art and good times. In May 2009 they opened The Flowerpot in Kentish Town, where for a year and a half they put on free entry live shows with some of the world’s best talent playing – all in a 200 capacity venue where they all also lived. Due to some complicated problems in October 2010 (that we won’t go into here) they were forced to leave their Kentish Town home. They have now opened a new pub / venue – The Wheelbarrow – in Camden and have vowed to open a new Flowerpot in 2012. Line Up – Curated by Flowerpot 12pm Doors Open 1pm Imperial Lesiure 2pm Loverproof 3pm Shuga 4pm Atlantics 5pm Hares

Flowerpot Collective will be hosting at their venue The Wheelbarrow on Saturday daytime