FOE – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Hannah Clark aka FOE spends most of her time in her own little world, a heady escape from her dull-as-dishwater surroundings. She likes to imagine the scandal behind closed doors, menacing reveries about the secrets at the heart of straight-laced suburbia. By the age of 12 Hannah knew she didn’t fit in and knew she wanted out. Music, writing, drawing and dressing up became an avenue out for her walking day dream, however she was soon to find that high aspirations coming from such a small town were not to be admired, Hannah found herself on the tip of peoples tongues. Ousted by her peers and with no want to fit in, Hannah withdrew to her bedroom to create a world she understood. Dressing up in her room and writing music, surrounded by old movies, records and pictures of a lives she wanted to know, she was allowed to cut loose from reality. Hannah gradually built her own studio buying old equipment at car boot sales and learning slowly how to use – and began to write her own songs, resulting in a rich vein of stories and characters that brim with a seedy vitality. Falling in with local producer Entrepreneurs after their eyes met across a crowded sweetshop brought fresh impetus to her longstanding musical endeavours. Lost weekends in her bedroom studio bringing these snapshots to life, refining a sound influenced by the grunge and noise of Nirvana and Sonic Youth, tinged with moodier moments from Radiohead, Portishead and The Kills. Pop music with fucking sinister undertones. Her voice adds gentle, saccharine touches to his unique brand of r’n’Beefheart whilst his production nous douses her macabre wonderland with a sparkling Wurlitzer sheen. FOE was born. In addition to producing and playing all the instruments on their recordings thus far, the creativity of FOE shows no signs of abating, branching out into video production and artwork. Eerie clips online offer further glimpses into their skewed reality, teeth-brushing at triple speed in ‘Nite Tera’ and the jittery, lipstick-smeared spectral video for ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death’.