GAZ COOMBES – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Gaz Coombes, son of Eileen and John Coombes, -an English teacher and a food cientist- was born in 8 March, 1976, Oxford. Originally named Gareth Michael Coombes, he became internationally known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the English alternative rock band, Supergrass. Before Supergrass foundation, Gaz was the lead singer of the band The Jennifers, with one of his current band mates, Danny Goffey. The singer is now living in Oxford with his wife Jools and two daughters. Most of his favourite records are from the late 60s and early 70s, but he especially loves David Bowie’s The Man who Sold the World. As a child, Gaz wanted to be a rhythm guitarist for The Smiths, but his dreams were shattered when Craig Cannon got the job.