Glasvegas – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Since their debut eponymous masterpiece in September 2008, the Glaswegian four-piece has seen: global touring throughout the UK, Europe, Japan and America, support tours with Oasis, Kings of Leon and U2, festivals from Roskilde to Glastonbury, and nominations for awards throughout the musical spectrum. Across the planet, nations thrilled to their dazzling, flood-lit, ecstasy-rock live spectacular, arms-in-the-air, throats-on-fire, bawling in unified abandon to their now-classic brace of irresistible singles. Returning to Glasgow in December 2009, James Allan’s lyrics turned inwards, his steady gaze torn away from the world outside his window to the landscape within. Their second album proper, EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, sees a leap beyond their trademark Phil Spector wall-of-sound into glittering new towers of electronic rock ‘n’ roll.