HATCHAM SOCIAL – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

The Truth: London Town-based alternative quartet HATCHAM SOCIAL are poised to come back into the fray with a new album, a revamped line-up and a zestily rewired leftfield pop attitude. The band release ‘About Girls’ – the follow-up to their (he)artily acclaimed debut ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ – on April 2nd 2012, with the ‘Dance With Me’ single arriving a week later. The new Socialites are David Claxton (guitar) and Riley Difford (bass), who join the centrifugal brotherly song writing force of Toby Kidd (vocals, guitar) and Finn Kidd (drums, vocals). The new album is called ‘About Girls’ because it is kinda about the girls they have loved and lusted after over the last few years, while a “guitar heavy” sound sees them move away from the synth-dappled sheen of 2009’s ‘You Dig The Tunnel…’. Hatcham Social themselves consider ‘About Girls’ to be “less layered with more concise lyrics which are more playful and honest and from real life.” Catch Hatcham off guard and they might even say this is their “party” record.

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