JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE / MODA | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Moda is a party, label, artist collective and blog ran by Jaymo & Andy George.

Their insatiable appetite for new sounds means Moda is constantly moving forward, evolving, thinking and rethinking. The next few weeks alone see the Moda crew host their third party at Fabric London (Facebook Event Page), preceded by another soon to be sold-out 1500 person warehouse party in Lincoln, featuring the likes of Eats Everything and Disclosure. (Moda Event Page or Facebook Event Page)

A few weeks later a brand new department of the Moda record label will be unveiled, along with some seriously exciting new artists. That will be followed-up with a brand new J&AG EP, a series of secret location parties and a very special compilation CD… Amongst all this you can catch Jaymo & Andy George pushing the best in forward thinking electronic music on shows across BBC Radio 1 and keep tabs on the hottest new musical movements on the Moda blog (www.thisismoda.com).

Crawl virgin or serial crawler? Either way, tell us why

We’ve been a couple of times before. Last year we fought through the crowd to see our friend TEED absolutely smack it. He played Moda quite a while back, so it was great to see how it had evolved – his performance at CC last year was wicked, there was a lot of hype around that show. The diversity of artists at CC is what makes it so much fun though, you can be watching a super-unknown folk act one minute and then a brand new electronic artist right after. It’s a bit like Pic’n’mix, which we’re also big fans of.

What curatorial delights can we expect from you this year?

We’re taking over a venue in Camden on Saturday night, pre 11pm expect some of our favourite emerging electronic acts, then the whole Moda posse take-over, along with a DJ who just gets bigger and better by the day. That’s all we can say for now!

If it were a film, your part in CC2012 would be…

A time traveling robot sent on a mission to protect the world from tedium and monotony. We’d annihilate all reality TV shows and give everyone hoverboards.

Conjure up a Camden memory for us, Crawly or otherwise

Perhaps no great surprise, but most memories of Camden are end up somewhat hazy, to say the least.

Favourite tune of the next 12 months?

Having not yet achieved our ambition of becoming time traveling robots, this is a tricky one. For the last 12 months Storm Queen, Eats Everything and Maxxi Soundsystem have all been amazing.

Imagine CC2012 is over. What one sentence do you want people to say about you when they get home?

“Did that really happen?”


Vodka and bitter lemon – nice and easy!

Courtesy of today’s host we have a raft of rare releases, including a Moda CD, t-shirt, and entry to a Moda event, up for grabs. TO WIN this awesome prize, simply head to our Facebook page and email your name to the secret email address listed at the top of our Facebook ‘Fan Only Content’ page, citing ‘MODA COMP’ in the subject line.

Deadline for entries: 9:00 am Friday, 10th February. Winners announced on Facebook 10:00am and notified by email.