Josh Weller – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Josh Weller whose fortunes have taken him from the island of Borneo to the wilds of London where he now lives, is half English half Mauritian. Josh sings in a voice with the softness of Chet Baker and the fire of a young Elvis Costello. He writes Pop music with big choruses, grooving drumbeats, quirky hooks and wryly observational lyrics. His songs play like the idiosyncrasies, quirks and mannerisms of a script by Woody Allen. It’s catchy, it grooves like hip hop, but it’s written by Josh Weller, the young man casting a hawks eye on society and love and concluding that it’s ‘pretty fucking weird’. He looks like the result of a fight between Chet Baker and Fred Astaire in a Tim Burton movie and inhabits an utterly unique musical habitat; it abounds with exuberant narratives, witty one liners and a stark observation about his inner-neuroses on love and life. What comes out is Pop with great lyrics. A multi-instrumentalist, Josh Weller plays most parts in his songs himself and is at the beginning of a hugely promising career.