Kellie Lloyd – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

ellie Lloyd, well known as the bass player in Brisbane’s Screamfeeder, is about to release Magnetic North, an album of beautiful, haunting songs, pure sweet pop and at times heavy and dark rock. Having written all the songs Kellie plays most of the instruments and is joined by Bridget Lewis (The Gin Club), Kate Jacobson (Texas Tea), Lucas Arundel (Arundel), Jeff Hahn (Los Huevos), Nick Norton (Gentle Ben) and producer Darek Mudge. Always keen to try new and unusual things, the first single Your Heart Is A Hunter was released on 7” flexidisc, renewing interest in the forgotten format. As with all of Kellie’s work a strong emphasis has been on the visual aspect of the project and Brisbane artist and musician Alex Gillies was commissioned to create a series of images for the cover. Alexs’ unique woodcut prints have been featured by the bands Harmony, No Anchor, Violent Soho and His work compliments the feel and mood of the album. Kellie is also personally making a video for each song on the album. The live shows have been stripped right back with Kellie on electric guitar joined by Branko Cosic of Tape/Off on drums creating a dynamic wall of sound. Kellie’s recent Melbourne shows featured Clint Hyndman (Something For Kate) on drums. The duo came together to Play for National SLAM day at the iconic Espy in St Kilda and the exclusive backyard festival Apple Core. Kellie has played with Kurt Vile (US), Harmony, Sounds Like Sunset, Keep On Dancin’s, Tape/Off, Jeremy Neale (Velociraptor), Kate Jacobson (Texas Tea), Valentiine and was featured in March edition of Australian Rolling Stone.