KILLAFLAW – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Named after a track by legendary bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, Killaflaw inhabit the electronic/rock interzone. They’re from Liverpool, and consist of Benn Helm (vocals, guitar) and Andy Paton (electronics, trumpet). Killaflaw have been likened to a number of other acts – “like Led Zep meet the Chemical Brothers”, “the missing link between Soundgarden and The Prodigy” – but really they have a sound that is uniquely their own.

Gigging and recording all the time, Killaflaw produce everything from affecting electronic bangers (‘Broken Idol’, ‘Holy Funk’) to bluesy singalongs (‘Message’) to journeying rocky electronic MTV-friendly anthems (‘Set Me On Fire’, ‘Higher Ground’) to sync-friendly powerhouses (‘Revolution’). As the UK’s DJ magazine said: “Killaflaw have the passion, the soul, the raw power and the tunes. They’re gonna be massive.”