L.A – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

We are going to a “premier” as L.A. announces SLNT FLM, a 6 track E.P. that shows a 180 turn from his last album, the acclaimed, “Heavenly Hell” (Universal, 2009), it is not just a sound twist, but also in its conception, labour and birth process. 6 songs full of harmonies and dusty guitars, with a burnt tyre on Mediterranean roads flavour, songs that are earthy wood, like guitars…songs that are the sea and the sand of the isle of Mallorca but also the heat of amp valves. L.A. is also introducing the first single a of this fantastic return, a driving song called “Over and Over”, d with a video clip directed by Matt Wignall that shows clearly the crossroad and the detour L.A. is taking. Luis Albert Segura is the heart and soul of L.A., a young but experienced musician from the Isle of Mallorca (Balearic islands)…started his career being part of local bands as The Green Cherries, Los Valendas and The Nash…but it is in 2007 when his own project comes to light with an impressive first work, acclaimed massively by Spanish fans and critics, “Heavenly Hell” was the hot album of Spanish pop rock in 2009. Now L.A. wants to reach further shores, so is taking his music and his guitar and his land across the seas and after fantastic shows at SXSW and CMW this march 2012, is coming to England to do what his is best…play honest organic rock and roll.