LIZ GREEN – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

The unique Liz Green received a plethora of praise for her wonderful debut album O, Devotion! upon its release in November 2011. She played a multitude of radio sessions that included a varied array from 6 Music’s Marc Riley and Radcliffe & Maconie (the station also gave her the ‘Album of the Day’ accolade) and Radio 1’s Gilles Peterson to Radio 4’s Loose Ends & XFM’s John Kennedy and also performed on BBC2’s The Review Show. To celebrate all this ecstatic news, Liz will release ‘Bad Medicine’ with a glorious gem of an exclusive B-side ‘Rybka’ on 12 March and head out on a full UK tour from 22 March that stops at London’s Bush Hall on 3 April. As for ‘Bad Medicine’, Liz explains its genesis with her usual illuminating heartfelt humour. “This is probably my favourite song. It’s a different bag of badgers altogether from the first version of it. Me and Peri spent a long time trying to nail that trumpet solo. I eventually ended up playing it to him on a kazoo! Because I can’t afford to take a full band everywhere I go, I’ve built up a bit of a reputation for being a great mouth trumpet player. There is a simple story. The sad story of a man who is neglected by his fellow men. Punished by them for his difference. When I mention him walking like a Bible prophet I think of a man I used to see walking round Manchester, striding, head high, beatific smile. I haven’t seen him around for a while. I hope he’s still walking that way. The opening lines are how I felt when I first heard Son House. I think I’d not heard the rawness of emotion come through a recording so easily as it did with his recordings. That’s the aim isn’t it. To capture a little bit of soul.”

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