Mara Carlyle – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Recently described as the “Missy Elliot of the classical world” due to her innovative approach to songwriting that samples and reworks classical pieces into her own songs, Carlyle’s extraordinary voice and unique songs have won her legions of admirers, including Bjork, Willy Mason and, curiously, newsreader Jon Snow, who chose her dreamy song ‘Bowlface en Provence’ as one of his Desert Island Discs earlier this year. Following the critical success of her lauded debut ‘The Lovely’, a spirit-crushing ordeal at the hands of EMI nearly led her to give up music altogether, only to have her career resurrected by the Ikea ‘Cats’ advert that melted a thousand hearts thanks to the use of her beautiful song Pianni alongside a bunch of unbelievably cute felines.

Mara’s long-awaited second album will finally be released into the world via Rough Trade shops in July.