MAYAENI – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Detroit born Mayaeni, the daughter of a West African mother and a Jewish father – a former guitar player who played with Sylvester, Carl Carlton and Jimmy Ruffin – has travelled far and wide, bringing a depth to her music and lyrics that belies her 26 years. After a hip hop dancing stint in London and recording multiple demos for other artists, her first self-titled album with producer Shaun Fisher was well received and resulted in shows throughout the United States as well as a tour of Japan. While in Japan, Glad News Clothing, a popular label in Japan, New York and Los Angeles, signed her to an endorsement contract, unheard of for a young independent artist. Mayaeni has penned songs with numerous well known writers including Linda Perry, Boots Ottestad, Sam Bisbee and Martin “Doc” McKinney. Mayaeni has incorporated her experiences of the last few years into her music which resulted in her signing to All Parts Move in 2009.