MONSTA – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

What’s that coming over the hill? Yes, it is indeed MONSTA. The brainchild of hot production duo Pegasus – aka Rufio and Rocky, mashing together the influences of old music legends with brilliant modern sounds and techniques, combined with the powerful soulful tones of legend-in-the making Bryn Christopher. MONSTA is a ferocious mash-up of the group’s multifarious influences and justice to their name, the trio’s choruses and melodies really are mammoth. Their debut single ‘Holdin On’ features glitchy electronic rhythms, a disgustingly huge bassline and incredible vocal arrangements. Having sold out all of their live shows so far and remixing for artists such as Skylar Grey and Labrinth; MONSTA have been playlisted by Amazing Radio and featured by the likes of NME, The Recommender and Popjustice. Although the band are assured in their style, the single sits amongst an incredibly varied collection of tracks. “It doesn’t rest upon everything sounding exactly the same, it still oozes identity.” Unlike most modern production, MONSTA doesn’t depend on digitised programming, keeping live instruments to the front, centre and heart of their compositions. “It makes everything come alive. It’s kind of undulating.” Witness this for yourself when you see MONSTA perform at one of their nights. “We all feel like when we do a gig it’s a complete out of body experience; that’s the meaning of soulful for us.” Be prepared for MONSTA success when the band drop their explosive debut in April. “Our music is for everyone” they insist. It’s a marrying of future sounds with old influences and IT IS EPIC!