Mr. David Viner – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

I was born with red eyes and purple skin due to the fact that I was born with the cord around my neck. I didn’t do much talking after that, just played an old Spanish guitar for 20 or so years. In 2000 I met John Lee Hooker in Detroit after a small show to ask him what tuning he played out of. After hearing my accent he christened me “Mr”. It stuck. He died. It was here I also met a bunch of musicians, Von Bondies, Soledad Brothers, Dirtbombs, White Stripes who all gave me a bit of work here and there and let me stay on their couches. I toured with Spiritualized, Dr. John with just me and a guitar I bought from St. Louis which is still the only one I own. At every Dr. John show we both play “Careless Love”, and try and out-do each other with different lyrics each night. He said; “Viner? What kind of a fucking name is that?” I got a band together and we play pretty good together. It looks like we may have supported the White Stripes on their last ever tour. Mr David Viner – London, July 2008 The band consists of: David Viner- Guitar & Vocals, Alice Lascelles – Cello & Vocals, Ben Swank- Drums, John Cheeseman – Double Bass