Practical Information | The Gaymers Camden Crawl 2011

Camden Crawl 2012 Early Bird Tickets Go On Sale at 9:00am On 26th October via this link: Tickets are to be exchanged for wristbands which allow free entry to each of the participating venues throughout the festival as individual capacities permit. Wristbands and programmes announcing the full line ups and timings for the event are obtainable from 11:00 am onwards each day at the Camden Crawl ticket exchange point.



The Camden Crawl is committed to making our festival as accessible as possible to everyone. We provide disabled ticket holders who require assistance with a complimentary ticket for their carer as well as priority access passes and crew assistance at the event.

If you need assistance, special access and/or a ticket for a carer, please contact us at with ‘Disabled Access Query’ in the subject line. Please be aware that the festival incorporates more than 40 venues with varying levels of accessibility and disabled facilities. We try to keep an accurate as possible record of these for our disabled ticket holders and you may download the most recent version of this information HERE

Once you have purchased a ticket, you may apply for priority access passes and/or a carer ticket by emailing us details of your request along with ticket reference number, full name and telephone number and official documentation of your disability (I.e a scan of your most recent DLA letter or similar). We must receive any request for special access requirements no later than 10th April 2012 to enable us to meet your request.

Whilst the event is, on the whole, very safe, and there will be a visible police presence, it is wise to take some sensible precautions when attending the Camden Crawl.

  • Drink responsibly (visit: for sensible advice).
  • Do NOT drink alcohol in the streets (you can be stopped and fined £500).
  • Keep personal belongings to a minimum (it will be hot in the venues and very crowded). Especially do not bring large rucksacks/bags.
  • Go with at least one friend.
  • Avoid using mobile phones on the streets.
  • Use only licensed taxis (see below for more advice).
  • Avoid street dealers.
  • Leave your diamonds at home…

24hr travel info on all tube, train and bus routes in the capital: 020 7222 1234 or


  • To find a licensed minicab or taxi when out at night text HOME to 60835 (calls cost around 35p). Put this number in your mobile phone’s address book before leaving home.
  • If you can, pre-book a car home through a licensed minicab office. Only black cabs can be flagged down in the street.
  • Check for the yellow sticker in the front and rear windscreens showing a minicab is licensed.
  • Ensure the car you ordered is the one you get into. Know the car details and ensure the driver knows what name it was booked under.
  • Try to share a cab with a friend. Sit in the back of the car with your mobile phone switched on.
  • If you chat to the driver, don’t give out your personal details.
  • If you are worried choose a busy area, ask the driver to stop and get out of the car. If the driver refuses, call 999 free from your mobile.