Random Impulse – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Championed as the innovator of an exciting, vibrant new sound set to push forward the boundaries modern music, Jovel Walker, better known as Random Impulse is quickly becoming one of the most talked about acts by both music fans and industry alike. Distinctly recognized by performing his self-written songs live by playing his electric guitar and rapping simultaneously whilst backed by a drummer, bassist and secondary guitarist, his live show are notorious for leaving his audience simply amazed, ecstatic and screaming for more. He has already recorded a number of songs prepared for his first album, and is currently recording new songs to release an EP which he plans to release in late November along side a free downloadable mixtape of all his refixes. With an ever growing fan base, and support from an array of nation radio dj’s, It seems safe to say Random Impulse is destined for big things, set not to only refix artists songs, but the face of popular music all together.