SAUNA YOUTH – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Sauna Youth is a band from London that consists of Pines, Boon, Mince and Ecke. The band got their name from Planet Joe, a book by Joe Cole, a roadie for Black Flag on their last couple of tours. He dropped acid pretty much every night so the text reads exactly opposite to H Rollins’ experience documented so miserably in Get In The Van. This band alternates between a straight up punk band and a vehicle to experiment with music, art (sound, design, drawing & performance), writing and poetry. So far Sauna Youth have self-recorded, designed, produced and released four cassettes and three 7″ records, with a 12” on the way on Faux Discx. The band like to sit in-between many types of music sourcing influence from many disparate fields and then filter it through the fact we’re a punk band that loves the Ramones.