THE CRAWL Q&A: POSTER ROAST | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Poster Roast exist to promote some of the most beautiful gig posters you are likely to see anywhere. We don’t just mean on the inside of toilet cubicle doors, either: the gang behind Poster Roast put on exhibitions, championing the art of the screen-printed poster with enthusiasm and élan. Poster Roast events feature live music, some of the best artists in the UK, and gorgeous artwork for daylight-robbery prices.

We took our Crayola crayons over to their secret headquarters, and asked for a lesson.

Crawl virgin or serial crawler? Either way, tell us why

Serial – we’ve been doing this for three years with the Crawl and love the festival. It gives us a great platform to show off the huge talent the artists in the UK have.

What curatorial delights can we expect from you this year?

We’ll have more artists/more posters/live printing/ talks/merch. and collabarations with the Alternative press fare.

If it were a film, your part in CC2012 would be…

Drive? Good to look at, sexy and violent.

Conjure up a Camden memory for us, Crawly or otherwise.

Being able to make a poster for Graham Coxon’s Proud show last year and meeting up with him was a massive highlight for me. Pretty sure I just mumbled nonsense at him for 10 minutes.

Favourite tune of the next 12 months?

Big things on the horizon for Blacklisters. go listen to Trickfuck right now.

Imagine CC2012 is over. What one sentence do you want people to say about you when they get home?

“I didn’t realise there were that many incredible designers screen-printing gig posters for amazing bands in the UK. Well I never!”


Camden Hells please

Courtesy of today’s hosts we have a special limited edition print of the first GALLOWS poster feature Wade MacNeil (formerly of Alexisonfire) up for grabs. TO WIN this awesome prize, simply head to our Facebook page and email your name to the secret email address listed at the top of our Facebook ‘Fan Only Content’ page, citing ‘POSTER ROAST COMP’ in the subject line.

Deadline for entries: 9:00 am Monday, 20th February. Winners announced on Facebook 10:00am and notified by email.