THE Q&A CRAWL: AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

When we arrived at And So I Watch You From Afar HQ, we had a feeling from their band name that they may be loquacious. And so it proved: the post-rock outfit were in fine fettle.

What is your first memory or experience of Camden Town?

It was probably with the lads in the band when we first started playing shows in the UK a few years ago. We’d tour about in a Mitsubishi Carisma with no sat nav and have no idea about congestion charges or just how hectic london is. I remember our clutch blew out near Camden and we had to join the AA and it cost all the money we’d made the whole tour. I can also remember clipping a cars wing mirror and we got chase by these dudes who cornered us in their car and were trying to get a bat out of their boot to “bash” us, but my Irish charm had them laughing and joking with us after a couple of minutes. I’m sure I was there as a kid with my dad a few times but those are my first proper memories of being in camden, my favourite memory is going with my buddy Sully to eat vegan food along the canal.

In what one other city would you put on a festival like the Camden Crawl and why?

Id do it somewhere full on, maybe like this place Rojvin in Croatia in late August when the tourists are starting to thin out, it’s this beautiful little town built on rock in the Adriatic sea that I used to stay with friends back when I was a back packing hippy skateboarder with no band. It’s all cobbled streets, blue sea, fresh sea food, grappa, amazing banter, it’s would be so good I think.

If the band were to appear live on any US television series, which would it be?

I wouldn’t be adverse to a spot on Curb Your Enthusiasm or maybe Jersey Shores but that would just be to see Adger (ASIWYFA bassist) dish out some street justice on those horrible horrible people

What one instrument that isn’t part of your line-up do you secretly wish was?

A brass section, I find I’m almost always trying to my guitar tones sound like brass,like trying to emulate their sound,brass sections can riff it out,I love it. My favourites at the moment are Hot 8 Brass Band, check out there cover of Sexual Healing and you’ll see what I mean.

Describe your sound in 10 words or less:

Loud, lovely, OCD and occasional a little sexy

What is the most interesting event the band has planned for 2012?

I think we’re going to China in the summer which is blowing our minds at the moment, I hope it all works out but it’s looking like a go-er right now. We have a few things we’re gonna be announcing next month which is our most exciting news but that’s for next month.

Tipple of choice?

Stout, tho I did have some cocktails the other night and had something amazing with Tia Maria

Anything specific you want to plug?

Richter Collective, Belfast music, Verse Chorus Verse, and just watch this space for some ASIWYFA related announcements.

And So I Watch You From Afar will be appearing at CC2012 on Sunday 6th May, as well as our sister festival in Dublin the weekend after. Check out their profile page for more info