THE Q&A CRAWL: BEANS ON TOAST | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Beans on Toast isn’t just a tasty and convenient snack. We all know that it’s very much that, the king of convenience food which brooks no rival, but it’s also – and this is important, so don’t let those hunger pangs distract you – Jay McAllister’s solo folk project.

Jay also tours with the seven-piece band Handshake, and took part in the Communion collaborations with the likes of Julia Stone and the Mumfords, but Beans on Toast has been his mainstay since 2005. Emerging from London’s endlessly talented folk scene, he’s been touting his wares on tours and at festivals ever since. His surprising songs have humour and pathos in equal measure. He made us laugh and cry over some grilled bread.

Crawl virgin or serial crawler?


Do you have any special plans for your set at the Crawl?

It’s actually gonna be one of the first shows I play with my new band. After watching a recent show that was filmed I realised that my live show was becoming less and less musical and more like a drunken car crash of nonsense. In thehope of restoring some rhythm to what I do I’ve recruited a 3 piece band to back me up for the summer’s festivals, this’ll be one of our first outings.

In the film of 2012, who would you be played by?


What words do you most associate with Camden?


Describe your music without referring to a genre or another artist.


What do you like and hate most about the festival season?

I’m generally knee-deep in the festival season as it’s where me and my music thrives. I enjoy it and I’m not a hater.

What is your ‘on the road’ breakfast of choice?

Yogurt and granola pot from Marks and Sparks.

Anything specific you want to plug?

Good bands that are playing the Crawl this year such as Bastille, BigKids and Dog is Dead.

Beans On Toast will be appearing at CC2012 on Sunday 6th May.