THE Q&A CRAWL: BOY FRIEND | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

If Au Revoir Simone had more synths – and who hasn’t sat back from time o time and thought that would be a good idea? – they would be Boy Friend. The duo from Austin, Texas, have never played the UK before, and we’re as excited as a giddy prom queen to have booked them for the Crawl this year. Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown together craft sonic dreamscapes which recall a blissed-out Beach House. Formerly of Sleep ∞ Over, the pair have recently released debut album Egyptian Wrinkle, and are generally spending their time being beguiling.

There’s something of the day-glo 1970s about Boy Friend – they’ve recorded a cover of Abba’s ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ you really need to check out, and their videos are gloriously over-the-top (just take a look at ‘Lovedropper’). Ultimately, though, their lushly layered tunes are bang up-to-date. They should probably be on your must-see list for the Crawl. But, then, our must-see list is already inhumanly long.

What is your first memory or experience of Camden Town?

First time in the UK! Super excited

In what one other city would you put on a festival like the Camden Crawl and why?

Well, we live in Austin, Texas – so music festivals are pretty familiar to us in this city, but it would be awesome to play a festival in Hawaii. Let’s get exotic

If the band were to appear live on any US television series, which would it be?

TRUE BLOOD or Game of Thrones

What one instrument that isn’t part of your line-up do you secretly wish was?

Live drums / harp

Describe your sound in 10 words or less:

Dream pop buried in lovesick vocals

What is the most interesting event the band has planned for 2012?

We’re heading on tour in the US tomorrow & thinking our UK tour in May will probably take the cake

Tipple of choice?


Anything specific you want to plug?

Our debut album, Egyptian Wrinkle, is now out on Hell, Yes! Check it outttt

Boy Friend will be appearing at CC2012 on Saturday 5th May. Check out their official facebook page for more info