THE Q&A CRAWL: CHRIS COLTRANE, LOLITICS | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Chris Coltrane is a man on a mission. Aiming to radicalise you into the Tory-hating provocateur you were born to be, his LOLITICS comedy club rubs the shining faces of its unsuspecting audience in the mirthful muck of Coalition Britain. If you thought David Cameron’s face couldn’t get any funnier, allow us to introduce the man drawing onto it a little ‘tache and comedy glasses.

Crawl virgin or serial crawler? Either way, tell us why

Crawl virgin. Purely for financial reasons. The main reason I became a comedian was so I could get onto the line-up for things I want to see for free!

What curatorial delights can we expect from you this year?

I always pack my gigs full of the most exciting political comedians on the live circuit, like Nick Doody, Kate Smurthwaite and Stewart Black. They’re all really vital voices, it’s going to be a blast. If you don’t come, then you’re a Tory and you hate freedom.

If it were a film, your part in CC2012 would be…

Have you ever seen One Hour Photo? [We have, and now we’re backing away not too quickly, not too slowly. Stay calm, we’re calm, are you calm?]

Conjure up a Camden memory for us, Crawly or otherwise

I remember once I was walking up to the lock, and a rather unsavoury character tried to sell me a marijuana cigarette! The very thought of it!! Of course, I immediately performed a citizen’s arrest, for treason. I should imagine his “cartel” thought twice before trying THAT old mischief in Camden again!!

Favourite tune of the next 12 months?

I can’t choose, I like too much! I want dirty metal, pretty electropop, lovelorn post-rock and spooky future-garage to play as the sun rises, when everything feels magic.

Imagine CC2012 is over. What one sentence do you want people to say about you when they get home?

“I can definitely see what Chris Coltrane was trying to do, and although it didn’t necessarily work in any traditional sense, I respect the way he prioritised art over audience satisfaction, coherent sentence structure and value for money.”


Oreo milkshakes. I got a blender for Christmas. The revolution is on hold, while I experiment with combinations of ice cream, milk, and diabetes-inducing quantities of Malteasers and Daim bars.

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