THE Q&A CRAWL: GLASVEGAS | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

The mighty Glasvegas are many things – the NME’s definitive band of our time, Mercury Prize nominees, simply Glaswegian greats – but dull is not one ofthem. They are endlessly inventive – their last record, EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, was welcomed by our more easily surprised critics with something approaching shock. Their label seemed just as nonplussed, and yet the album still made the UK top ten and impressed all right-thinking lovers of music.

That’s what being Glasvegas looks like. We met up with the band’s bassist Paul Donoghue so he could draw us a picture.

What is your first memory or experience of Camden Town?

The first time we played in Camden, at Koko, is a bit of a blur. It was back in the days when we had Buckfast on our rider. We would mix it with Red Bull at the time. How we could ever drink that stuff is beyond me. The next time was a bit clearer, we played at the iTunes festival and had great fun. It was only marred by my drunk cousin talking rather too loudly about hating cockneys. I think it would have ended very badly if people hadn’t seen the look of embarrassment on my face. Making that comment in the middle of a packed Camden bar isn’t the most intelligent thing you can do.

In what one other city would you put on a festival like the Camden Crawl and why?

Probably Glasgow. The only thing near to the Camden Crawl in Glasgow I’ve been on was a tour where everyone playing played in the gents toilets of venues. It was some of the weirdest gigs I’ve ever been to. I could understand if they were in the ladies, but the mixture of urinal cakes and stale pish created an aroma I wish I hadn’t been exposed too.

If the band were to appear live on any US television series, which would it be?

We’ve already been lucky enough to appear on Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman. But the only one we haven’t done is Saturday Night Live, so that’s one I’d like to do. What one instrument that isn’t part of your line-up do you secretly wish was? The Dube. An instrument created by Dion Dublin? Who couldn’t want one of those. Maybe shouldn’t have used the headline “Dion Dublin reveals instrument” to promote it though. A lot of people mistook that article for something else.

Describe your sound in 10 words or less:

Indescribable. Like trying to explain your own face.

What is the most interesting event the band has planned for 2012?

We’re still finalising some festivals in far-flung places which will be interesting but playing Glasgow on the day before the Easter weekend will be VERY interesting. Us playing + a public holiday = carnage. Looking forward to it very much.

Tipple of choice?

Beer. I can’t drink anything else or I’m sick. When I was younger I used to drink a lot of vodka which would lead to me vomiting mid-conversation. People talking to me often found that off putting. I was also thrown out of a club for passing out in a cubicle. The same thing happened at a hotel in Euro Disney last year. I need to take stock of my life a little, don’t I?

Anything specific you want to plug?

Last year I would have said the hole in the BP oil pipe but they seem to have got that under control so now I’ll say a Dutch dyke.

Glasvegas will be appearing at CC2012 on Sunday. Check out their profile page for more info