THE Q&A CRAWL: HAWK EYES | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Formed in 2005 in the musical hothouse of Leeds, Hawk Eyes have a host of CDs, EPs and compilation appearances to their name, and have toured both the UK and Europe supporting the likes of We Are The Ocean and Turbowolf. Their guitars have more chunk than a jumper hand-knitted by your grandma, we fear for their drumskins, and – really – we’re just happy they’re back at the Crawl. We bought some earplugs and met up with them for a chat.

What happened the last time you were in Camden?

Camden Crawl 2011 happened last time we were in Camden, it was a very enjoyable time and we saw our friends Kong, they were very good, and had a song about meatballs. I think some of us met up with the charming chaps from the Computers and there were a few forward rolls happening at the Electric Ballroom too with Blacklisters and These Monsters. So, just a standard night in Leeds really, but in Camden.

What is the one single most important thing to know about the band?

We are called Hawk Eyes.

You can have one artist, living or dead, on stage with you: who is it and why?

Eddie Van Halen. Of course is he mega famous but I still think he isn’t credited enough for how much he changed guitar music. I love you Eddie, call me.

Recommend us a tune by a band other than you that we should download right now.

Dream Theater – Dance of Eternity. You won’t need to hear music again, you’ve just heard every note ever.

What is the most outlandish item on your rider?

Its a bonus when we get a rider so lets say ‘the rider.’

If each member of the band had to appear in fancy dress on stage, who would wear what?

We would each dress as each other, then play the instument of another band member and speak like the remaining band member. For example, Paul would dress as Ryan, play the drums and speak like Rob. We would then create 4 bands from one and play all of our songs slightly out of sync with each other a la ‘London’s Burning’.

Anything specific you want to plug?

Our new album ‘IDEAS’ is out on Fierce Panda on March 26th

HAWK EYES return to play the Camden Crawl on Sunday 6th May. Check Out their Profile Page for more info