THE Q&A CRAWL: KYLA LA GRANGE | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

How often have you seen goth-pop standing in the corner at parties, shy and misunderstood? It has a clumsy name, bless it, and people don’t quite how to take its odd juxtaposition of searing guitars and tender sadness. And, besides … isn’t he a little small for all that emotion?

Kyla La Grange’s work is subtle and muscular in equal measure, and she’s tipped for big things in 2012. Comparisons are being thrown around like confetti – from Florence and the Machine to Anna Calvi – but in fact these songs sound most of all like themselves. And that’s less common than it sounds. We met up with her studiously to avoid mentioning anyone else.

Crawl virgin or serial crawler?

For some reason I think I went to a few gigs on the Camden Crawl once but I can’t remember! Maybe I had too much of a good time.

Do you have any special plans for your set at the Crawl?

I’d love to decorate the stage a little but it all depends how much time there is in the changeover…

In the film of 2012, who would you be played by?

Michael Cera.

What words do you most associate with Camden?

Market, music, teenage trips into London, falafel, massive shoes

Describe your music without referring to a genre or another artist

It’s sad, sometimes a bit angry. Songs to sing in big, echoey rooms with lots of harmonies and guitars.

What do you like and hate most about the festival season?

I am completely in love with festivals. What I like the most is how much goodwill there is – people are so friendly towards one another, and when you play for an audience no one is worried about looking cool or whether or not it’s ok to dance – everyone just wants to enjoy it. I guess if I have to pick the thing I dislike the most it’s that my brain doesn’t let me sleep enough – even if I’ve stayed up until 6 dancing I still wake up at like 9 or 10 in my little yellow tent wishing I was still asleep.

What is your ‘on the road’ breakfast of choice?

Full English veggie breakfast! With free-range eggs

Anything specific you want to plug?

My next London show is at Village Underground on May 29th

Kyla La Grange will be appearing at Camden Crawl on Sunday 6th May. Check out her profile page for more info