THE Q&A CRAWL: MICHAEL MCCLATCHEY, MOSHI MOSHI Michael McClatchey’s initials are suspiciously similar to those of the record label he helped found in 1998. Moshi Moshi records, and Michael’s a man of mystery on that double-M coincidence, is one of our favourite little labels that could: if you’ve heard of Hot Chip, Tilly and the Wall, Late of Pier, Bloc Party or Slow Club, then you’ve heard of Moshi Moshi.

Camden Crawl luminaries from Florence and the Machine to thecocknbullkid have all had dealings with Mr McClatchey, so we dealt out some questions to him in return. Imagine a trendy bar, expensive drinks, everything on account, and you’ll be very far from the way we carried out this interview.

Who are you and what do you want?

Michael McClatchey. Some peace. [In case you’re worried, dear reader, we are absolutely positive Mike wasn’t trying to send us a message with this answer. Probably.]

Fantasy festival time: you can have any one act at CC2012, alive, dead or inbetween. Who is it, and why?

ELO. To provide a bench-mark.

Favourite tune of the past 12 months?

Two Bears – Church

[We cuddle Care Bears at night, too, Michael. We get it.]

What else are you up to this summer? Not that it could be as important as us, obviously.

Festivaling, Olympicing, Jubileeing. [Funny he should mention this. We have a past with the House of Windsor – last year they scheduled some sort of wedding at the same time as our festival? Nice they checked our diary this year.]

In three words, what are you trying to achieve as a curator at CC2012?

nice day out. [You were this far away from plugging someone else there. We appreciate the restraint.]

It’s the after-show. What’s on the stereo?
R Kelly – Ignition

How are we getting on, do you think?

You’re definitely getting on. [Waitaminute, you turned that back on us, didn’t you?]

Visit the Moshi Moshi profile to find out more about their events at CC2012. Moshi recording artists, Slow Club, will appear live at the NME Awards show at Heaven on 9th February.
Buy tickets here.


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