THE Q&A CRAWL: THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE | News | The Camden Crawl 2012

Perhaps it’s the wide open spaces of Scandinavia which have made it an unexpected home for the of lo-fi alt-country we might more properly expect to be put out by Ryan Adams’s next-door neighbour. Artists such as Nicolai Dunger, Thomas Dybdahl and Junip have offered a quirkily European take on folky sounds, and Denmark’s The Rumour Said Fire are no different – and perhaps a bit better.

With bits of Fleet Goxes and dashes of Iron & Wine, the band add their own peculiar voice to acoustic guitars and rich harmonies. We met up with them to be soothed and transported.

What is your first memory or experience of Camden Town?

The Horse Hospital area I think – especially that techno-manga shop, Cyberdog, had some pretty amazing and strange things in there.

In what one other city would you put on a festival like the Camden Crawl and why?

Back in DK I would most definitely put up a festival like that in the Christiania area, which is an independent area in the city of Copenhagen. I thought of Christiania walking by the canal in Camden – with all the houseboats and all.

If the band were to appear live on any US television series, which would it be?

I guess if they were to put up an extra season of The Wire it would be that.

What one instrument that isn’t part of your line-up do you secretly wish was?

I wouldn’t secretly wish for any instrument I would just go get it. At the moment I love synths a lot.

Describe your sound in 10 words or less:

It’s folk influenced indie with a dreamish touch.

What is the most interesting event the band has planned for 2012?

Well plans are to play a lot of festivals during the summer – like Camden Crawl and dot to dot Festival, we’re really looking forward to them all

Tipple of choice?

The UK lagers are amazing; I would go for that at the moment. Beer would generally be the pick of the band I think

The Rumour Said Fire will be appearing at CC2012 this Saturday. Check out their profile page for more info