The Rumour Said Fire – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Conceived by singer, songwriter Jesper Lidang in 2008, The Rumour Said Fire soon became one of Denmark’s biggest bands. Now they will release their critically acclaimed album, The Arrogant, in the UK and look set to become one of Denmark’s finest exports. The Rumour Said Fire’s first EP, ‘The Life And Death Of A Male Body’, was a huge hit in Denmark, it’s lead track, The Balcony – a bonus track on ‘The Arrogant’ – is a perfect slice of crisply harmonized and crushingly romantic folk-pop sold over 30,000 copies on iTunes. After the EP the band went immediately to Copenhagen’s Moono studio where they spent six very intense months writing and recording during the spring of 2010. Producer Aske Zidore (Oh No Ono) rehearsed the band relentlessly so they could record at the very peak of their powers, though the songs would morph and twist as they played, there was always space for creativity and intuition. The band are now writing and rehearsing again for their second album, this time in a far-flung district of Copenhagen called Amager. Jesper spends a lot of time alone in the studio, just like he did when growing up in Farsø, but just in the same way it’s the music that keeps him going. “I’m back in the middle of nowhere,” he laughs. “But that helps me to write songs and poetry, I’ve got the silence I need and the solitude to just sit and play my guitar”.

The Rumour Said Fire will release their debut UK release, ‘The Arrogant’, on 2nd April 2012, through Believe Digital.