TWO WOUNDED BIRDS – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

Two Wounded Birds are back. And now, at long last, they will release their debut album, the self-titled Two Wounded Birds, and what a glorious debut it is! Not just a collection of songs, but a true album, well-rounded and fully formed. It’s been a busy couple of years for the band: they have released an EP—2010′s well-received Keep Dreaming Baby—recorded a BBC session, played Glastonbury, released two singles with Moshi Moshi Recordings and toured extensively with the likes of my band The Drums, Grouplove and Black Lips. All this time, Two Wounded Birds have unsurprisingly stuck to their guns: This is a record comprised entirely of classic pop gems. They are possessed by those spirits of old who knew how to write a song with a great hook that also meant something. After a summer fling played out on their Keep Dreaming Baby EP, Johnny Danger and company are back and this time with a palpable emotion proving that the rebel does have a heart after all and perhaps feels even more deeply than the rest of us. From the impossibly catchy “To Be Young” to the eternal beauty of “If Only We Remain”, it’s easy to see why these rising stars caught the ears of such legends as Brian Wilson and Debbie Harry. Their songs capture the American spirit with clear allegiances to the Beach Boys, the Ramones and Elvis—all while still acknowledging the band’s British roots. You won’t hear any Elton John-style American accents here; instead, Johnny Danger’s sound recalls the velvety tones of Colin Blunstone in his Zombies heyday—a voice with true character.

In an age in which the shroud of “pop” can describe any poorly constructed jingle that comes along, it’s nice to see the dust settle and discover the genuine article. This band is bound to be written off by progressive types, excitement chasers and those who don’t appreciate the art and craft of the popular song but Two Wounded Birds will live on forever in the hearts of the true believers. Here you will find proof that sincere pop songs are truly timeless.