Yuck – Artist Information | The Camden Crawl 2012

The lineup: Jonny (drums), Daniel (vocals, rhythm guitar), Max (lead guitar), Mariko (bass), Ilana (vocals). Danny and Max a couple of years ago used to be in Cajun Dance Party, Without the “pressure of anything”, they spent a year or so writing songs, recording demos on Danny’s “really good dictaphone” in Max’s bedroom. Jonny joined in December, after a chance meeting with Danny in Israel last February. Yuck released a split single with Herzog (Georgia/Paul Blart and The Death Of Art) on Transparent on 15th March Dummy Mag: YUCK’s music is beguilingly interior, evoking inner monologues and sideways glances through eyelashes framed by burning cheeks. Vocals weave through a haze of reverb and feedback arches through frisson-filled dusky melodiesGrunge would be an easy reference to make, but a lazy one too. Sure, you can spot-call the elements but the underlying feeling isn’t apathy. This isn’t a 90s revival; YUCK are the sound of growing up.